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It's been an age since Alvo's rung him up, and longer still since the last time he saw him face to face. So, when Bax gets the call from Heathrow saying he's up for business, and wants to see the boys round the old pub before he heads back, Bax is eager to agree. Work's been shite lately, and it's made things at home tense.

A night away from the girls? Hell yes.

He's the first to show up, of course. Perhaps a bit too eager there, Bax. He snags their old table, a bit smug and all, and settles in for a pint.

The boys won't mind if he gets a head start.

Date: 2012-03-11 12:23 am (UTC)
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One thing he doesn't miss at all about London is the weather. It's cold and damp and nothing like Spain.

But the backbeat and undertone of the city are ones he knows intimately, ones that seduce and comfort. The company will be good, familiar, and seeing old friends, even if it's just for a round or two at the pub, is better than not seeing them at all. A quick glance through the window shows him Bax is already here. Of course he is.

If he had two teen daughters -- thankfully, that's not his fate -- he'd be first to the pub every night.

"Bax. Good to see you." The words might sound stilted, but the smile on his face is genuine: it's been years.


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